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Windows 9 Windows 9

Windows aren't dead

Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but obsolete.

Windows 9 unifies previous contrasting paradigms, taking design cues from all platforms and recent innovations.

The new design stays true to the Windows design principles but also shows maturity and focus. Windows 9 simplifies consumer computing experience without sacrificing capabilities or introducing radically new paradigms with no clear return of investment.

High-level UI structure

Desktop is a space

Windows 9 lays its elements firmly on a space that is natural to use in an environment of 2D display and input. While this space is proudly digital, it feels authentic and does not conflict with the way humans expect natural objects to act.

Touch, mouse + keyboard and other input methods do not require a fundamentally different UI structure. While touch input requires large hit targets, for example, cursor-based interaction benefits from them as well. On Windows 9, apps can easily optimize their interface for the user based on detected input device.

Start view and windows are arranged horizontally on a reel, without overlapping, instead of being cramped into undersized workspaces. The reel can be scrolled and windows manipulated with multiple interactions natural to each input device.

Search results, all apps view and settings are consistently positioned; UI elements move with clear, natural transitions. Key elements like search, system settings and switching between apps are not hidden as they are on Windows 8.



Local & Bing search. Transparent live tiles. Access to settings. Always accessible and visible in the window reel.

Window previews

Window previews

Full window previews instead of icons or tiles. Context and window order stay consistent. Natural interaction with touch, keyboard, mouse and even voice control.

All apps

All apps

Easy access to an exhaustive list of installed, available applications. While pinned apps are customizable, all apps are shown in alphabetical order in a consistent manner.

Control settings

Smart settings

Windows 9 adapts to various input methods, but users can also adjust the behavior themselves. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional desktop usage or fullscreen metro-style workflow, you'll feel at home.


Fully functional apps

All traditional and metro Windows apps work seamlessly on Windows 9. Familiar window controls and rearrangement are available for users to give just the right amount of control.

Desktop background settings


Users are given control over the desktop background that gives personality to the user experience.