no more apps, icons or grids. you’re a free person. you’re a slave to no man or corporation. you’re not owned by some service. take content in its purest. embrace the open web. content comes in cards that you hold.



decks run anything web. web applications. web sites. rss feeds. there is no store owned by someone. deck is open to the web content that our hunger for expression fuels. cards come from URLs. they’re saved locally and loaded again when there’s need. decks are open to new experiences when they’re pushed, just like you should be.

uncompromising design.

it’s purifying. it lets you breathe. it’s not boring, it just doesn’t steal energy from you. deck speaks a language you already know. deck is a delight to anyone.



web flows.

web is a highway of content. deck is the most streamlined of ways of tapping in. the constant flow of news articles and twitter messages is never more than a few thumb strokes away.


forget apps.

no more new names for things we already know. no more intentional typos. no more decrypting clever metaphors just to read mail.

forget icon grids.

deck is free of branding. lose the cognitive load of deciphering iconography and navigating waterfalls of app icons. cards are named for their function, and are presented in full as screenshots instead of customized metaphors you need to learn.

deck is created by jerry jäppinen from